Anal 10 Beads

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The Anal Beads Black is a great sex play item for first time anal explorers as it is incredibly user friendly and would provide you with gentle, yet substantial sexual excitement as you indulge your curiosities. 

This product features small perfectly sculpted beads sheened in black that are arranged in a manner of subtle increase in size, that way you can go at your own pace, savoring the progression delightfully. It is made of easy to clean, waterproof PVC that is super safe and free of phthalate. Do you desire to unravel the many thrills of anal pleasures in your solo fun time, or you want to share the incredible experience with your partner? Then this is the item you should go for, it defines sensual, yet non-extreme sexual stimulation. This 10-beaded marvel is made from pristine materials, connected with a flexible cord for easy placement; it is supported by a big loop, one that is staged at the end of the bead series which makes for convenient removal and insertion going at your own pace as you guide yourself to ecstasy. 

Thinking of a great starter item for your anal adventures? Then think Anal Beads Black! You can’t go wrong with this product; it can be maintained in great condition effortlessly with any of our top of the line cleaning gels, so get on with your passion! Get this item for your solo fun time or to share with your partner, the pleasure this item will deliver is assured!

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